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Powering new opportunities for the energy industry.

deX is a digital platform that enables electricity grids to support more renewables, handling the growing increase in rooftop solar, electric vehicles and other distributed energy resources (DER). Not only does it give the industry a panoramic view of energy demand and supply from these DER, it also opens up new opportunities in managing energy marketplaces, trading energy services, protecting the network and more.

Featured Products

The deX platform consists of three key product layers. Each one has a specific audience and purpose, working together to support the physical and market contracting of distributed energy.


deX Vision

For Distribution Networks

deX Vision gives you detailed visibility and control over distributed energy resources, at scale, in your network – all without adding hardware or replacing your existing network management system.

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deX Markets

For Market Operators

deX Markets allows existing distribution market operators – and those wanting to move into this space – to buy and sell energy services and operate flexibility markets, in any jurisdiction.

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deX Connect

For Tech Vendors

deX Connect helps technology vendors and DER manufacturers make their products deX-enabled, opening up new revenue streams while offering customers more value.

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How to get involved

Become a deX partner

Receive exclusive access to opportunities to be involved in projects and promotions, along with reports, demos, events and more.

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Integrate with deX

Learn how you can tap into more opportunities by integrating your brand’s products with deX using our API.

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Deepen your understanding of deX and its related topics by exploring our industry-oriented content.

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