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You can't transform the way energy is produced, distributed and traded without answering a few key questions. Find answers to common questions below.

1. Introducing deX

What is deX?

deX is a software platform that transforms the capacity of the grid to handle more renewable and distributed energy resources (DER) including solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles.

As an open digital exchange, deX allows new market places for energy services to evolve and customer-owned energy assets to become active market participants.

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What does deX stand for?

The Decentralised Energy Exchange.

Why is deX important?

deX facilitates exchanges between various market participants. deX lists buyers and sellers, records agreements between them, manages event handling and ultimately verifies whether both parties met their obligations.

With deX you can:

  • Install and register deX Certified devices
  • Aggregate devices
  • Publish your energy capacity requirements
  • Respond to an energy tender
  • Create contracts ready for energy events
  • Dispatch devices for an energy event
  • Validate dispatches
  • Settle energy transactions

Who uses the deX platform?

The deX platform is designed to support those responsible for the safe, reliable and affordable supply of electricity, including network and market operators and electricity retailers. deX enables visibility, orchestration and DER service-contracting capabilities that allows renewable energy to scale to its full potential in the overall energy mix while providing value back to customers.

Who is behind deX?

The deX platform is an initiative of global energy-tech company GreenSync in collaboration with leading energy industry partners.

2. The technology

What communication protocols does deX use?

The deX API is a RESTful API (over HTTPS) using JSON payloads.

Does deX require smart devices to be installed?

Provided that your technology is integrated with deX, the smarter your device is, the more opportunities you will have to unlock value and participate in energy market places and contracting for network services.

Is deX a blockchain-based platform?

No, it’s not. Blockchain is a ledger and deX is a marketplace. deX’s open API and marketplace allows a range of transaction services, such as blockchain and peer-to-peer to be hosted. Blockchain and deX can work hand in hand.

3. How to participate in deX?

I am a network utility, energy retailer and or a technology vendor ... What next?

Your first step is to express your organisations interest in becoming a partner.

For electricity retailers, aggregators or networks interested in deX, check out our products and service page for general information on our user-oriented application suites. You can also request a demo, please email for more information.

If you are a technology provider interested in integrating your technology with deX, find out more about what this involves at deX for technology providers. You can also request further information via sending a note to


I am a homeowner ... How can I participate?

To participate in deX you must have an energy asset, such as a solar system or battery, with a technology brand that has been integrated into deX. Check out our partner page for more information and contact your technology provider. Or you can subscribe to deX newsletter to stay up to date on deX news.