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New marketplaces for energy services

deX allows new marketplaces for energy services to evolve. It’s not a market itself, rather it is the software platform on which flexibility markets can operate.

Consumers’ devices that are registered with deX can be visible to the network, and can then be contracted for grid services, unlocking new value streams when supplying energy during peak demand, managing frequency or grid voltage, or reducing network constraints.

deX-enabled resources and participants can take part in two-way energy interactions. The result is efficient communication, coordination and control across a variety of decentralised energy resources.

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The role of deX in a global context

With the rise of rooftop solar power, batteries, electric vehicles, smart appliances and other local sources of energy generation, electricity grids face both a problem and an opportunity.

This increase in energy being fed back into the grid can cause instability, as most network operators have limited visibility over the incoming voltage or location of the assets.

However, when these millions of smaller generators can be seen and orchestrated to actively contribute back into the grid, it reduces the need for costly, large-scale infrastructure and creates a more secure, affordable, reliable and cleaner energy grid for everyone.

That’s what deX provides – an exchange platform to facilitate visibility, orchestration and markets, it makes this new era of distributed energy management possible.

How the technology works

deX is built around a central exchange platform, accessed via API.

All data and control signals flow via this exchange, which forms an integration layer between distributed energy resources, energy trading platforms and distribution management systems.


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Who’s behind deX?

deX was created by GreenSync, a global energy tech company. Founded in 2010, GreenSync has been supplying pioneering DER orchestration technologies and solutions to the energy industry for the last decade. From traditional demand response to virtual power plants, and now deX, this journey has given us deep domain expertise in the sector.

We saw that the rise of EVs, rooftop solar PV and smart appliances could destabilise the grid, causing a shift towards utilising more decentralised energy. But there was no central platform to facilitate the visibility, control and markets that this would require.

And so the idea for deX was born.

deX Locations

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Globally, deX has been contracted for major projects in Europe, Japan and New Zealand. We are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in London and Amsterdam.

To date, over 100 organisations across the world have partnered with deX, including major utilities, leading technology brands and industry bodies.

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