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Case Study

Great Britain’s biggest electricity distributor, UK Power Networks, is implementing an Active Network Management system to manage DER across its network area. It will also enable over 500MW of DER – mostly renewable energy like wind and solar – to connect to the network quicker and easier, and power more than a quarter of a million homes.

UK Power Networks is the UK’s first network operator to be procuring flexible energy services as the default option, rather than investing in expensive upgrades of its network infrastructure, on its path to transform into a Distribution System Operator (DSO).

How deX helps

  • deX is forming the project’s market platform, connecting and contracting flexibility services from distributed energy resources and dovetailing into operational system security and forecasting.
  • Tenders via deX Markets will be used to manage medium voltage constraints on a least-cost basis, using commercial and industrial demand response and creating a world-first scalable marketplace for flexibility services.
  • Integrations with Smarter Grid Solutions’ and Nexant’s software will enable data to flow two ways. deX acts as the middleware – informed by and informing – Smarter Grid Solutions’ Active Network Management of the DER behaviour. deX also connects with Nexant’s iEnergy software which provides the user interface and workflow representing the data and information flowing from deX’s market platform.

deX functionality

  • Participant and DER registration in deX
  • Creation of tenders and bids
  • Publishing contracts and constraint data
  • Mediation from ADMS via Smarter Grid Solutions DERMS
  • Production DSO capability
  • Digital flexibility service contracts for constraint management
deX platform features

Project Partners

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Products/services involved in the project

deX Markets

For Market Operators

deX Markets allows existing distribution market operators – and those wanting to move into this space – to buy and sell energy services and operate flexibility markets, in any jurisdiction.

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