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Our Product Suites

deX Connect

For Tech Vendors

deX Connect helps technology vendors and DER manufacturers make their products deX-enabled, opening up new revenue streams while offering customers more value.

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deX Command

For Electricity Retailers and Aggregators

Leverage deX Certified technologies and seamlessly establish customer consents, register and enrol multiple technology types into VPPs using our deX-native Command application or a third-party VPP. Gain faster access to monetisation and benefit your customers.

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deX Vision

For Distribution Networks

deX Vision gives you detailed visibility and control over distributed energy resources, at scale, in your network – all without adding hardware or replacing your existing network management system.

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deX Markets

For Market Operators

deX Markets allows existing distribution market operators – and those wanting to move into this space – to buy and sell energy services and operate flexibility markets, in any jurisdiction.

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