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Case study

As a leading manufacturer of solar energy products and smart software, Enphase is continually seeking ways to deliver more value back to its customers.

With a single integration with deX, Enphase can provide telemetry back to all networks using the platform in a safe and secure manner.

By providing better visibility and understanding to those responsible for operating the grid, Enphase hopes that unnecessary restrictions on renewable resources and customer-owned DER can be lifted.

As a result, all parties involved can better benefit from the opportunities offered by distributed energy resources and Enphase customers will be among the first to benefit as new opportunities for their solar and battery systems are unlocked.

A family of four posing in front of their wall-mounted Enphase battery
Man with a tablet showing Enphase Enlighten app in front of wall-mounted Enphase battery

How deX helped 

  • The deX API made it simple for Enphase’s smart products to ‘plug in’ to deX. Once this single integration was completed, with no physical alterations required to hardware, all it took for Enphase systems to be registered in deX and as such, visible to the networks,  was their customers’ permission.
  • Twenty per cent of all Enphase customers, across five networks in five states, who received the invitation to join the decentralised energy exchange program, opted-in to do so within the first two weeks through their own Enphase My Enlighten platform. This showed that there’s a customer desire to contribute to the future of renewable energy in Australia and a safe, reliable grid.

deX functionality 

  • Customer DER registration
  • DER telemetry in deX
deX platform features

Products/services involved in the project

deX Connect

For Tech Vendors

deX Connect helps technology vendors and DER manufacturers make their products deX-enabled, opening up new revenue streams while offering customers more value.

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