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Case study

The South Australian energy landscape is characterised by high penetration of renewable energy, including rooftop solar PV. This has presented challenges to energy providers in the region who are responsible for the reliable supply of power to customers.

Simply Energy – an Australian energy company who provides electricity to more than 600,000 customers – saw an opportunity to diversify its energy services and offerings to end customers, while also supporting the local network.

By partnering with GreenSync to establish a 6 MW virtual power plant (VPP), made up of 1200 residential batteries, and managed via the deX platform, Simply Energy developed new ways to engage with customers, creating new value streams and providing market support.

The project is in collaboration with South Australia’s sole electricity distributor, SA Power Networks, who is responsible for over 850,000 homes across the state and has received co-funding from ARENA as part of the Advancing Renewables Program.

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How deX helped

  • Simply Energy is able to aggregate and manage the batteries, and add in new technology brand options for its customers, forming a large, multi-technology VPP that can also provide grid and wholesale market support.
  • Provides SA Power Networks’ visibility of the 1200 batteries’ location, capability and activity, along with mediation to ensure their activity doesn’t compromise the operating limits of the grid.
  • Integration with VPP software for facilitating contracts and control of the batteries to participate in market activity. 
  • Simply Energy is able to run spot market demand response programs via the deX platform.

deX functionality

  • API integrations into deX
  • deX DER registration
  • Visibility and mediation functionality for DNSP
  • Publish contracts and constraint data
  • VPP dispatch for wholesale and FCAS (Frequency Control Ancillary Services)
deX platform features

Products/services involved in the project

deX Vision

For Distribution Networks

deX Vision gives you detailed visibility and control over distributed energy resources, at scale, in your network – all without adding hardware or replacing your existing network management system.

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