Anyone can join and everyone benefits; from every corner of the electricity landscape, and at both a local and global scale. deX enables an open marketplace where energy capacity can be transacted between commercial businesses, homes, community organisations, retailers, and utilities.

Introducing the future of energy markets

deX is a software platform designed to drive the development and implementation of distributed energy resources (DERs)—a variety of smart, connected devices in homes and businesses that can store, control and generate energy—throughout wider electricity markets around the world. These flexible, new markets provide benefits to end users and the wider grid alike.

The deX platform brings these DERs online in a shared space, making them visible, and enabling their stored energy to be dispatched on command. Participants can form agreements to aggregate and trade energy—whether you’re a home owner, a retailer, a utility or a regulatory body. There’s a new balance of power and everyone’s a player.

What can deX do for you?

deX creates value for all participants in the energy exchange, from large-scale commercial organisations, networks and utilities through to homeowners.

Find out what deX can do for you: whether it’s making energy cheaper, more reliable, easier to access, or more environmentally friendly. Or everything all at once.

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Why the world needs deX

Global energy markets are in transition. Renewable energy and battery storage continues to grow, while traditional methods of electricity generation become increasingly outdated and ineffective. Although the potential infrastructure, generation capability and assets required to create energy more efficiently exists, we need something to bring it all together, for the better. That’s where deX comes in.

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How the technology works

Our developer Application Programming Interface (API) is designed to standardise the registration and communication between deX, and any distributed energy resources that are ready, registered and contracted to interact in the marketplace. Find out more about the deX API and what’s involved in joining the exchange.

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Join 1000s of other energy specialists, interested in staying ahead of the curve. Download the free deX white paper – Creating the grid of tomorrow today.

In this white paper, you will learn about

  • The key context and trends that underpin changes in the energy sector.
  • The components required to create an effective decentralised energy market place.
  • The three product layers GreenSync are building into deX; connect, vision and markets.
  • The universal benefits opportunities for players across the energy landscape arising from deX.
  • A roadmap of activity for deX projects, partners, papers and policy through 2018-19.


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Frequently asked questions

You can’t transform the way energy is produced, distributed and traded without answering a few key questions. While we try to make deX accessible and easy to understand, we know there is complexity.

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