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deX platform features

The deX exchange platform

deX is built around a central digital exchange, accessed via API.

The exchange:

  • Provides a vendor-agnostic means of communication between participants
  • Acts as an impartial system-of-record
  • Supports markets, allowing a variety of services to be offered and procured
  • Allows network and market operators to observe and moderate activities.

At its simplest, deX provides an integration layer between distributed energy resources, energy trading platforms and distribution management systems.

deX and its API

deX is an API acting as middleware, with participants integrating their systems with deX via a user-built bridge.

Each bridge is fluent in both the individual system’s native means of communication and the deX API.

This design allows a diverse range of technologies and systems to be linked to deX, with all data and control signals flowing via the exchange.

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A bridge-building model

With one integration to deX, your DER can access multiple markets.

Product offers

Various entities in deX are subject to measurement and deX provides a way to collect those measurements and make them available to the appropriate parties. Each of our products offers a cloud-based user interface which receives required telemetry. Additionally, the deX API also provides a number of ‘feed’ endpoints, which can be used to stream data.

Bidirectional energy services

Once deX-enabled, participants can bid to provide bidirectional energy services. Empowering a provider to supply an energy service from a resource, where it’s needed on the network, is a fundamental role of deX. The result is efficient communication, coordination and control across a variety of distributed energy resources. Users can create and manage contracts, activate resources, provide meter readings and confirm the exchange of energy services, all in real-time.

In-built security

deX provides a highly secure platform on which to trade energy services. By its very nature, deX acts as an intermediary, protecting both parties in a transaction by being an impartial mediator.

Fully transparent

deX provides not just the platform on which to trade, but also the system of record. Every transaction is recorded and logged, and can be viewed at any time. This creates a fully transparent, compliant marketplace.

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