With a series of planned projects and announcements lined up for the foreseeable future, and some key milestones already logged in our history, we're building deX out for the benefit of global energy markets.

  1. February 2017

    The deX pilot project is funded by ARENA and supported by founding project partners

    The deX pilot project is funded by ARENA and supported by founding project partners. Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA’s) A-Lab provided $450K to technology partner GreenSync for the design and build of a digital exchange for DER’s. The pilot saw the project team test how an online marketplace for trading capacity from DER’s would be used by customers, utilities and energy technology businesses.

    Learn more about these founding partners and supporters.

  2. May 2017

    deX market benefits and economics analysis created

    During this milestone, GreenSync delivered reports on the impact of deX both locally and globally. In the analysis GreenSync alongside an academic reference group, government and regulatory bodies delivered a framework for energy pricing, a roadmap of market maturity and the potential economic benefits of deX.

  3. June 2017

    The alpha version of the deX API is built

    The foundations of deX are well underway. In the deX alpha API, the notions of registering, contracting and dispatching resources have been built. Information on a resource’s location and contract details are accounted for. With development tests and builds underway, the release of the deX API and documentation are planned for later in 2018.

    Learn more about deX technology

  4. August 2017

    GreenSync officially launches the deX marketplace

    With industry partners and stakeholders, GreenSync officially launches the deX marketplace, vision, technology and project roadmap. As a first glimpse, deX celebrates the marketplace as an industry-wide collaboration.

    Learn about the launch of deX.

  5. October 2017

    deX roadshows commences with exclusive viewing of the demo app

    Intimate roadshow events held with industry and deX partners. To join deX as a partner please register your interest.

  6. November 2017

    The Mornington Peninsula Community Grid Project kicks off

    The official launch of The Community Grid Project – the first region in Australia to implement deX as a community. Over five years, the program will roll out across the lower Mornington Peninsula region. GreenSync has already recruited a number of prominent commercial and industrial businesses to participate in the program. Towards the end of 2019 households and business will be invited to participate in the deX component of the project.  Learn more about deX in action.

  7. February 2018

    Commencement of 2018 deX projects

    Selected partners commence 2018 deX projects.

  8. March 2018

    deX powering Simply Energy’s 8MW South Australian Virtual Power Plant

    By utilising deX, South Australia Power Networks (SAPN) will gain visibility of behind the meter battery storage and access to those batteries as distributed energy resources that can be used to address local network constraints and manage demand.

    This $23 million project will deliver Tesla Powerwall 2 home batteries to up to 1200 Adelaide households representing 6 MW of residential energy storage. A further 2 MW of demand response capacity will be deployed across 10 commercial businesses.

    Learn more about the project.

  9. April 2018

    deX foundations whitepaper released

    The white paper outlines the key context and trends that underpin the rationale for deX, the three product layers, universal key benefits and the roadmap of key features through 2018-19.

    Download it here.

  10. August 2018

    Announcement of The Green Room collaboration space

    GreenSync announces The Green Room an industry collaboration space for deX technology partners, utilities and regulators to undertake rapid prototyping, week long sprints, as well as regular industry forums to fast-track integration to deX across the sector.

  11. October 2018

    deX Landmark Event

    GreenSync hosts the deX Landmark Event, unveiling the new GreenRoom in-house and on-line collaboration centre, and announces the next bold step to facilitate simple and transparent markets in 2019.