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deX-celeration: The career surge you’ve been looking for

Innovation is a team effort. Be part of tomorrow, today.

GreenSync’s Decentralised Energy Exchange (deX) facilitates an open, digital marketplace for the dispatch of distributed energy services. The new platform will allow deX to connect millions of distributed energy resources (DER) which can be bought and sold by businesses, households, communities and utilities.

With projects such as Simply Energy’s South Australian Virtual Power Plant and the Community Grid Project – Mornington Peninsula, readying to utilise deX, technology we are now growing exponentially!

“This growth has created multiple new positions that need to be filled by industry experts from across the energy and technology industries.”

We are excited to launch our cutting-edge deX technology, and need to add people to our growing team who are as passionate about changing the energy system industry as we are! If you also have a keen interest in increasing renewables, we might just be made for each other.

If you have ever imagined working on ground-breaking technology in a high autonomy environment for a progressive, inclusive, fast-paced start-up, now is the time to reach out. It’s an exciting time to be in the energy industry, with GreenSync at the forefront.