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The result is a more reliable, affordable and cleaner energy grid that unlocks the significant value of distributed energy resources.

While everyone benefits, deX offers different opportunities depending on where you fit into the energy landscape.

Electricity networks

For Network Operators looking to meet service delivery obligations and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly transforming energy economy, deX provides the ability to:

  • Deliver on service requirements at a lower cost to end consumers, government and stakeholders.
  • Gain visibility of DERs as they come online, with information on location, capability, availability and context of DERs.
  • Avoid inefficient investments into physical network infrastructure by accessing a wider range of ‘non-network’ solutions to meet energy demand.
  • Coordinate DER dispatch and manage network risks associated with uncoordinated installation of DERs. Set limits on the operation of DER devices to avoid network security breaches and publish such limits to the market to ensure transparency, and efficient price discovery.

Energy service companies and retailers

Retailers and specialist new energy service companies need to innovate and extend offerings, while protecting against spot-price volatility. deX is an ideal solution, providing the ability to:

  • Aggregate DERs into fleets of valuable assets as required, to form virtual power plants.
  • Gain revenue from solar and energy storage installation or services.
  • Diversify product and service offerings and innovate based on customer needs.
  • View universal insights through a single platform, access comprehensive energy tenders, and gain visibility into assets at individual and fleet scale.
  • Reduce exposure to wholesale market pricing through preparing and planning for extreme spikes in demand.

Technology vendors and equipment manufacturers

As a technology leader, continual innovation across product and service offerings is key. Expanding your market is essential, and deX provides a wealth of opportunities through access to new marketplaces and channels for delivery. deX enables vendors and manufacturers to:

  • Increase sales revenue by building additional products and services to enhance existing offerings.
  • Procure long-term consumer contracts and safeguard revenue for the future.
  • Streamline consumer engagements through a series of standards and information protocols to meet while delivering products and services direct to consumers.
  • Access potential untapped markets and new customers via network or aggregator investments in an open, competitive and contestable arena.

Regulators, system and market operators

deX is perfectly tailored to the needs of energy market entities and government agencies seeking to optimise investments, maintain electricity system security and ensure fully contestable services and price-points for consumers. The benefits are:

  • Lower prices for consumers by reducing the need for large scale network asset investment and by increasing efficient resource allocation.
  • Increase market competition by supporting open, competitive supplier service markets and models for DER devices.
  • Create a flexible grid and reduce the cost of integrating variable renewable generation resources by building more flexible power systems.
  • View data and insights on load forecasts, network constraints, network hosting capacity and existing DER locations. Access consolidated system data to optimise government support programs and objectively review network capital expenditure proposals.

Commercial businesses and homeowners

Whether you’re an industrial entity, a commercial business, or a residential homeowner, deX provides cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable energy. You can:

  • Lower energy costs and monetise your site(s) in various ways, including receiving payments for exporting energy, reducing energy use or selling stored energy back into the grid through the deX platform.
  • Access subsidies and other financial benefits from utilities or governments incentivising the participation in, and installation and uptake of, energy storage programs.
  • Better manage energy through detailed information and price-point incentives designed to optimise your understanding, management and planning of energy usage.
  • Access a competitive marketplace with range of service providers competing on value.

“The deX is a step toward localised or “mini-markets” on the grid that will optimise value for all parties and allow networks to integrate renewables and manage the reliability and stability. This is key to creating value for energy customers in the grid of the future.”

Rodney Bray, Head of Strategy at United Energy