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Expand into DER markets

With deX Markets, a new world of markets opens up to you.

For the first time, you can operate a market where DER services are bought and sold, giving you access to an exciting opportunity that’s set for rapid growth.

deX for market operators bid creation feature

Automated, digital contracting

You’ll have the tools to create and manage markets that support digital contracts for distributed energy resources to be enrolled into virtual power plants (VPPs).

You can also enable energy services companies (ESCOs), retailers and networks to contract services directly from DER or from other ESCOs to meet tender requirements.

Optimised bid evaluation

Selecting bids is done using an evaluation engine, removing the manual process involved in selecting the best bid.

You’ll be able to automatically select bids based on tender criteria like price, safety, reliability and performance – and do it all while you’re asleep.

deX for market operators bid acceptance feature


Everything you need to operate an energy market

Market definition

Gives Distribution Market Operators the ability to define the types of market and the rules under which those markets will operate

Market visibility 

Provides visibility of all the services publicly listed in the marketplace that could be pursued by networks, ESCOs or DER owners

Product catalogue

Enables the definition and management of products and services for use in contracts and to create markets

Tendering and bidding 

Provides the workflow for trading partners (buyers) to create tenders and offers, and for sellers to bid on these offers


Provides the mechanisms to create and manage all service contracts, allowing trading partners to manage and execute them digitally

Settlement calculations

Provides automated settlement calculations for DER based on telemetry, contractual criteria and product definitions, making payments easy.

Other products

deX Vision

For Distribution Networks

deX Vision gives you detailed visibility and control over distributed energy resources, at scale, in your network – all without adding hardware or replacing your existing network management system.

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deX Command

For Electricity Retailers and Aggregators

Leverage deX Certified technologies and seamlessly establish customer consents, register and enrol multiple technology types into VPPs using our deX-native Command application or a third-party VPP. Gain faster access to monetisation and benefit your customers.

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