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Connecting your technology to deX

deX brings together thousands of distributed energy technologies – from batteries, smart solar systems and monitoring, to electric vehicle charging and smart thermostats.

This has benefits for their owners as well as the networks who contract their services. But before a product can access deX, it needs to be ‘deX-enabled’. That’s where deX Connect comes in.

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deX Connect is open access middleware – put simply, it’s the bridge between your technology’s API and deX.

deX Connect Developer Centre

One integration.
Endless opportunities.

The beauty of deX Connect is that it offers a single integration.

Instead of hundreds of bespoke integrations for each jurisdiction, network or market, it gives your technology a platform through which data and services can be provided or contracted – all through a single software integration via the deX API.

Connect to more benefits

By making your brand’s products deX-enabled, you open up a range of benefits.

  • Explore new revenue streams including bring-your-own-device, VPPs and network data and information services

  • Get the first-mover advantage and differentiate your intelligent product capabilities in the market

  • Sell more kit thanks to dynamic limits enabled by dynamic connection agreements

  • Offer customers better value - as deX helps networks lift the lid on static limits, customers can earn more for their energy generation or install larger systems

  • Expand your business model and service offering

Integrate with deX in 4 steps:

  1. Complete the deX partner application and have your documentation validated
  2. Access the deX Developer Centre
  3. Meet all certification test plan requirements
  4. Complete a field trial

Your device is now deX-enabled

Other products

deX Command

For Electricity Retailers and Aggregators

Leverage deX Certified technologies and seamlessly establish customer consents, register and enrol multiple technology types into VPPs using our deX-native Command application or a third-party VPP. Gain faster access to monetisation and benefit your customers.

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deX Vision

For Distribution Networks

deX Vision gives you detailed visibility and control over distributed energy resources, at scale, in your network – all without adding hardware or replacing your existing network management system.

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