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Towards a sustainable grid

South Australia is leading the nation in renewable power generation.

In working towards a net-zero emissions future, the SA Government recognises a growing opportunity for consumers and industry partners alike to participate in a sustainable grid.

Smart energy devices such as solar, battery storage, and smart air conditioner control can do more than help their owners to manage their electricity demand.

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Smart energy devices can provide services that contribute to a more sustainable grid – and in return earn additional rewards for their owners.

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Rewards for services

To provide these services, smart energy devices are enrolled in virtual power plants where their services are grouped, coordinated and managed by electricity retailers or aggregators.

What kind of services can my device provide?

  • Peak demand

    Send more energy out (generation) to support the grid to meet demand.

  • Low demand

    Switch smart hot water or batteries to consumption mode or temporarily reduce solar generation

  • Frequency support

    Use smart frequency mode to help stabilise grid fluctuations

How do I enrol my device and access additional rewards
(including up to $100 registration incentive)?


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Project innovations

Running from November 2020 to December 2021, this project will show how smart, distributed technologies can be more easily integrated and enrolled in virtual power plants, rewarding customers and providing new service contracting opportunities for market and system operators.

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The project will demonstrate:

  • Simpler pathways for smart device registrations
  • Customer access to view offers tailored to their choice of product
  • Streamlined tools and services to enrol smart devices into retailer VPPs
  • Value and performance of smart devices in energy services
  • Market and system operator ability to create new energy service contracts.

Powerful Tech

deX-certified technology

  • Single integration access to multiple retailer VPPs

  • New device registration tools to improve customer experience

  • Option for registration incentive to customer

Who benefits?

  • Device owners

    Bring your own device for access to more VPP offers and rewards for smart device registration, enrolment and service participation.

  • Energy service providers

    Realise faster device registration and smoother VPP enrolment, new tools and a new customer offers site and deliver a registration incentive to your customers.

  • SA Power Networks

    Gains access to data and information via deX integrated devices and potential to demonstrate new services.

  • Australian Energy Market Operator

    Gains ability to expand VPP program, get access to data and information via deX integrated devices and potential to demonstrate new grid services.

  • Wider electricity system

    Showcases rewards for smart device owners, VPP operation and service provision with smart devices supporting the grid to be sustainable.

Registration & Enrolment

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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