deX offers a future where everyone benefits; where energy grids around the world are cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient, secure and reliable. But the best part about this exciting new future? It’s happening today.

We’ve already signed up partners and participants from every corner of the energy landscape. We’ve already got exciting programs underway, where networks and communities are working together for mutual benefit. And we’re continually pushing for more. Find out what we’ve done, what we’re doing, who’s already joined the movement, and get inspired to get involved.

Our partners and stakeholders

We’ve signed up an exciting and impressive assortment of supporters: from networks, utilities and regulators, to technology vendors, retailers and research groups. Find out who’s already joined the movement and who’s prepared to participate the future of energy markets.

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deX in action

We’re already implementing deX, rolling out a community program in partnership with United Energy. While you read these words, residential homes and utilities are collaborating via deX to encourage renewable energy uptake, while maintaining secure, cost-effective and reliable energy supplies. Find out how it’s all going down.

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Plans and milestones

deX is already live in application and changing the way we generate, trade and use energy, but there’s much more to come. With a series of planned projects and announcements lined up for the foreseeable future, and some key milestones already lodged in our history, we’re building deX out for the benefit of global energy markets.

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