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A key part of the Distribution System Operator (DSO) solution stack

With the rapid rise of rooftop solar power, battery storage, electric vehicles and other localised sources of smart energy assets, we’re moving to a world of millions of smaller, customer-owned, aggregated and un-aggregated distributed energy resources (DER).

While management of large scale DER is essential, the complexity in managing small-scale DER has traditionally been hard and uneconomic to manage. The current lack of visibility of these DER makes it difficult for network operators to manage energy flows, which is why deX for networks is a critical part of the DSO solution stack.

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deX Vision gives you the tools to see and manage the impact of customer-owned DER on your network, helping you continue to protect, plan and operate your network effectively.

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deX works with existing network management systems and allows you to manage both aggregated and unaggregated DER across the network, at scale.

In near real-time, you can view static and dynamic DER information, showing you the capability, telemetry and impact of DER. deX also provides you with the tools to adjust DER behaviour, or contract services from them, to keep the network protected at critical times.

Benefits at a glance

  • Improved DER visibility

  • Increased DER control

  • Easy DER registration

  • Enhances your existing system

deX Vision DER visibility feature

Get more DER visibility

  • Visibility of DER, including standing data (nameplate) and near real-time telemetry.
  • Mapping DER to the network model, providing critical insights into DER behaviour and their impact on the grid, leading to increased network reliability, improved compliance and better network planning decisions.


Get more DER control

  • Offer Dynamic Connection Agreements to consumers, which allows customers to realise the value of larger systems while helping the networks maintain the grid within technical limits – a win-win for customers and networks.
  • Gain the ability to control the behaviour of DER to maintain grid operation through dynamic limits, allowing you to move beyond static limits and provide more flexibility in network management and customer access to the network.
deX Vision DCA response
deX Vision DER registration feature

Easy DER registration

  • Register DER to deX through multiple pathways; by a technology vendor, a retailer, an aggregator or directly through the network connection process.
  • Go beyond existing static DER registration requirements to gain the visibility and control capabilities offered via Dynamic Connection Agreements to improve network performance.

Enhances your current system

There’s no need to replace your existing ADMS or DERMS platform – deX simply helps them do even more. It allows network planners and control rooms to reach beyond large scale, directly controlled assets and homogenous fleets of network DER.

Now, you can reach into the cloud management systems of DER vendors and 3rd third-party aggregators.

As the depth and sophistication of the integration increases, deX Vision will continue to unlock more value through increased granularity of control and automation.

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