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A key part of the Electricity Retailer/Aggregator value stack

As an electricity retailer or aggregator, deX gives you the tools you need to scale your VPP offering across technologies and products, increasing your customer reach, while reducing the cost and time to deployment.

deX provides an out-of-the-box VPP solution – Command – that enables you to coordinate, monitor and dispatch assets for wholesale and ancillary services. We also support integration for third-party VPP platforms via API, so you can bring your existing VPP platform to deX.

Grow your fleet by leveraging the expanding group of Certified deX API technology integrations with global brands across solar PV, battery storage and EV charging solutions. Smooth the path for the customer and installer experience with registration tools to accelerate the time from connection approvals to full digital access and build up portfolios of multi-technology VPPs.

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deX for Electricity Retailers and Aggregators gives you the tools you need to unlock smooth, scalable access to VPPs and energy service contracts for your smart customers, helping you and your customers to reap the rewards.

deX for Retailers and Aggregators incorporates a suite of training and support, tools and applications. This includes a web-based, installer-friendly device registration tool, direct API integration based device registrations, and a native or third-party VPP interface to coordinate and monetise wholesale market and ancillary service opportunities.

With consolidated licencing for qualifying vendors, we make it easy for you to build scale from a few hundred to many thousands of devices across technologies from smart solar to energy storage to EV charging.

Benefits at a glance

  • Access deX Certified major smart device brands and products to support customer choice and options for VPP optimisation

  • Access easy to deploy device registration and VPP enrolment tools

  • Increase your ability to monetise VPP participation in wholesale, ancillary and off-market opportunities

  • Leverage portfolio performance analytics to inform trading strategies, build out customer offers and deliver more value

  • Manage customer consents, remote response and dynamic limit requirements

Leverage deX integrations with major brands

  • Access a wide range of brands, products and technologies to support your customers’ choice and options for VPP optimisation.
  • Bring new tech to deX and leverage our cloud-to-cloud integration service for favoured products
  • Give customers a BYOD pathway without additional hardware or onsite services required
  • Leverage consolidated licencing for qualifying vendors to streamline administration and invoicing
  • Create tailored customer offers and programs that leverage growing deX certified brands and products


Simplify registrations, improve customer and installer experience

  • By leveraging cloud-to-cloud technologies, smooth the path for the registration of customer-owned devices into multi-technology VPPs
  • Access tools and support to enable installers to submit device information via an easy-to-use web app, or leverage API based customer consents and registration inputs via OEM installer systems connected to deX
  • Where available, link your customers to flexible/dynamic connection agreements, allowing customers to realise the value of larger systems while assuring network ‘operating envelopes’ are maintained
  • Gain the ability to control the behaviour of devices through dynamic limits, allowing you to offer more to your customers.

Unlock access to market opportunities and build up performance-based trading strategies

  • Increase your ability to coordinate and leverage wholesale market, ancillary services or off-market opportunities using a native deX UI – deX Command, or third-party VPP platform for whole-of-portfolio coordination, dispatch and performance reporting
  • Unlock value for VPP participation by your customers from wholesale arbitrage, response to peak demand and low demand events, ancillary services and – where available – demand response services.
  • Build up your portfolio’s trading capabilities by leveraging performance data to inform and update trading strategies in line with known capabilities and performance.

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